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Having over 40 years experience in designing ,building ,buying and selling new and used horseboxes I feel I have the knowledge to know a good or bad horsebox when I see one.


Therefore I am offering a new service of horsebox inspection.


It is a minefield out there and people can travel hundreds of miles in pursuit of their dream horsebox only to find on arrival it is not as described and not fit for purpose. This can be so frustrating and time consuming.

Safety for your much loved horse or horses should be paramount but also a bit of luxury doesn't go amiss.

I am offering myself to do the hard yards for you. You find the box you are interested in purchasing and leave the rest to me.

I will speak to the vendor make an appointment to see the vehicle and inspect it thoroughly then send you the customer a report as to whether you should go ahead and purchase or leave well alone.

Distance is no problem and it is done on a fixed price basis.

For more information, CONTACT US

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